Pictures of Projects

We asked the builders to build a shop onto the side of our house, as a village stores. We discussed with them in detail our requirements, which included blending it with our 100 year old cottage. They obtained materials as near as possible to our original property and the result is fantastic. It looks as if it's been there all along.

This property which was built 'on spec' and sold within weeks. The customers were able to choose several of the fittings because construction stage allowed this. They have since employed us again to build an extension to the rear.
We approached the builders with just a magazine picture of the type of building we would like to surround our newly purchased hot-tub and we can honestly say they listened and matched our requirements totally. It blends totally with the surroundings and we are sure it will give us years of pleasure.

  62B Nipsells Chase, Mayland, Chelmsford, Essex CM3 6EJ